My Halo Game

My Halo Game


Materials Needed:

Paper plates (one per child)


What to Do:

Cut out the center of each paper plate, thus creating a "halo".
Give each child a halo.
Have a discussion with the children about being nice and behaving well. Explain how sometimes people use the phrase "What an Angel" when someone is behaving nicely.
Read some sentences to the children about pretend situations. If they were good things, they should put their halo on their head. Otherwise, they should place their halo in their lap and make a sad face.

Here are some sample situations:

- You picked up your play things without being told.
- You yelled and cried because you didn't get your way.
- You washed your hands before coming to the table to eat.
- You brushed your teeth before going to bed.
- You threw your toy because you were angry.
- You helped your little brother clean up after he finished playing.
- You pinched your sister and made her cry.
- You always remember to say "Please" and "Thank you".

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