Mitten, Mitten, Who Has The Mitten?

Mitten, Mitten, Who Has The Mitten?


Materials Needed:

Several different colors of construction paper
Black marker
Mitten template
Paper Clips
Hole puncher


What to Do:

Using template, trace mitten onto several different colors of construction paper, making sure you have at least one pair for each child.
Punch a hole near the center of the cuff part of ½ of the mittens.
Tie a piece of yarn (approximately 2 feet long) in each of the holes punched in the mittens.
Tie a paper clip to the other end of the yarn.
Using a marker, write a capital letter on the mittens with yarn attached and corresponding lower case letters on the remaining mittens.
Hand out the mittens without the yarn to the children.
Hold up a mitten with the yarn attached and ask "who has the matching lower case letter". Have that child come to you and attach his/her mitten to the paper clip.
Repeat this process using different mittens.


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