How Many Dinosaurs?


How Many Dinosaurs?

Materials Needed:
Image1 Cardboard tubes (e.g. wrapping paper rolls, paper towel rolls)
Image1 Number cards (homemade or store bought)
Image1 Clip clothespins
Image1 Dinosaur stickers
Image1 Scissors

What to Do:
Image1 Cut cardboard tubes into 2 inch lengths.
Image1 Stick one dinosaur sticker onto each cardboard tube.
Image1 Shuffle number cards and place face down.
Image1 Place number cards, cardboard tubes, and clothespins where the children can reach them.
Image1 Instruct the children that whatever number they turn over will be the number of dinosaurs that can be in their "dinosaur parade".
Image1 Invite the children to take turns turning over a number card and then using the clip clothespins connect the specified amount of tubes together.

*You may want to demonstrate how to clip them together before activity begins.

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