The Dreidel Game

The Dreidel Game


Materials Needed:

Duplicating sheet of Hebrew letters
Pint size carton (e.g.milk, juice)
Shiny pennies or foil covered chocolate coins
Unsharpened pencil with an eraser top


What to Do:

Open the top of the carton completely and rinse it out.
When carton is completely dry, tape it shut again, leaving a small opening in the center of the top so you can slip a pencil into it.
After slipping the pencil through, making sure that the eraser end is sticking out of the top, continue pushing it until it pokes through the bottom of the carton.
Print out the duplicating sheet of the four Hebrew letters and cut the squares out.
Glue the letters to the sides of the carton, making sure to place the bottom of the letter towards the eraser end of the pencil.
Explain to the children how the game is played and what the symbols mean.
Each child is given a supply of coins at the beginning of the game.
At the beginning of each round, each player puts a coin into the pot.
Invite the children to take turns spinning the top and doing what the symbol it lands on tells them to do.
Whenever the pot is empty, each child needs to add a coin to the pot.
The younger children may need help with the concept of half.

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