Hide and Seek Numbers

Hide and Seek Numbers


Materials Needed:

10 small gift bags
20+ gift tags


What to Do:

Using a marker, write one numeral/number word/dot(s) on each gift bag (1 through (?) whatever number recognition level you are trying to reinforce).
Using a marker, write one numeral on each gift tag to coincide with each gift bag. Depending on how many gift tags you use, you will be repeating numbers two or more times. This gives each child a chance to find several different numbers.
Hide the gift tags.
Have the children search for the tags and when they find them, have them put them in the corresponding gift bag.
After all of the numbers have been found, empty each gift bag one at a time and check to see if all the gift tag numbers match the number on the bag. If not ask which child would like to find the matching bag for the "lost" number.


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