Fine Feathered Friend


Fine Feathered Friend


Materials Needed:

2 - 7 or 10 mm wiggly eyes (round or oval)
Construction paper (red or orange)
Feathers (multi-colored)
Yellow tempera paint
3 - cardboard rolls (cut into 2- five inch sections and 1- four inch section)


What to Do:

Using folded orange or red construction paper, trace and cut out beak shape.

Instruct children to:

 - Glue the two larger ones together so they lay side by side.
 - Glue the smaller one so it is centered on top of the other two.
 - Paint rolls yellow after they are glued together.
 - Glue feathers inside both ends of the three cardboard rolls so that the feathers protrude from all sides.
 - Glue one feather on the back of the top roll. Make sure feather is pointing up.
 - Glue eyes onto the front upper-half of top roll.
 - Glue beak below eyes.


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