I Love You This Much Card


I Love You This Much Card


Materials Needed:

Tag board (your choice of color)
Tan construction paper
Black marker



What to Do:

Using template, trace and cut out:

- Arms/chest piece on any color poster board. Make sure to use poster board that has same color on both sides.
- Head/neck piece on tan construction paper.

Trace child's hands on tan construction paper, making sure to keep fingers together while tracing.
Cut out hands. (Do not cut between fingers.)
Instruct children to glue:

- Head/neck piece onto the backside center of chest/arms piece (see sample pic).
- Glue a hand to the backside of each end of the arms by slightly overlapping wrists to back side of the arms.

Once hands are in place, fold the "hands, arms, and chest assembly" into thirds. The fold should be made in a rolling fashion, rather than a typical crease. This will give it more of a three-dimensional hug look.
Using black marker, invite children (depending on writing skill level) to write:

- "Happy Valentine's Day" on the chest.
- "this much" on the back of the left hand and arm.
- "I Love You" on the back of the right hand and arm.

Instruct children to use crayons to:

- Create/color face and hair on head.
- Draw fingers on both sides of hands.


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