Hibernating Bear

Hibernating Bear


Materials Needed:

Small white paper plate
Styrofoam cups
White cotton balls
Brown crayons
Index card

Bear duplicating sheet


What to Do:

Cut out hibernating bears from duplicating sheet of bears.
Cut small Styrofoam cups in half lengthwise.
Cut four inch long slit in middle of plate.
Cut 1.5x.5 inch rectangles from index card, to be used as a handle.
  Instruct children to:

- Color their bear.

- Glue a rectangle piece on the back of the bear so half of the rectangle is sticking out from underneath the sleeping bear
- Place the bear on the middle of the plate making sure to slide the "handle" through the slit in the plate, so that the bear lies on the top of the plate.

- Glue half cup down in the middle of the plate and over the bear.
- Glue cotton balls all around the "cave," including front and back of "cave."

  Demonstrate to the children how to hold the "handle" under the plate, slide tab back and forth making bear go out and back into "cave."

Duplicating Sheet

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