Blackbird Pie


Blackbird Pie


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (tan and white)
2- 12 mm Wiggly eyes
1- Paper fastener
Black feathers



What to Do:

Using template, trace and cut out:

- Pie top and bottom on tan construction paper.
- Pie filling on white construction paper.

Instruct children to:

               - Glue pie filling to bottom crust by just slightly overlapping filling on back of bottom crust.
               - Glue black feathers onto pie filling.
               - Glue both eyes on top of feathers in center of pie filling.
When glue is dried attach top crust to bottom crust by overlapping far left bottom corner of the top crust with the top left corner of the bottom crust and push a paper fastener through both crusts at corner. (By doing this you can open and close crust to view the blackbirds inside.)


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