I Know My Rhymes

I Know My Rhymes


Materials Needed:

Props (representing certain nursery rhymes)
Container to hold the props


What to Do:

Teach the children some of the most popular nursery rhymes.
Fill a container with props representing certain nursery rhymes that the children have learned (e.g. a candle stick and holder for "Jack Be Nimble", a pretend pie for "Sing a Song of Sixpence", toy farm animals for "Old MacDonald", Sheperd's staff and stuffed animal sheep for "Little Bo Peep", horn for "Little Boy Blue", a moon, dish, and spoon for "Hey Diddle, Diddle")
Explain to the children that when you pull an item(s) from the container, you would like them to tell you which nursery rhyme it reminds them of.
Invite the children to recite the nursery rhyme that corresponds to the item(s) shown.

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