Pet Care


Pet Care

Materials Needed:
Image1 Lots of pet items such as: dog toys, cat toys, dog/cat dish, small bag of unopened kitty litter, dog brush, dog leash, small bag of dog food, can of cat food, cat scratching post, fish bowl, fish food, box of gravel for fish bowl, bird food, bird cage, gerbil cage, gerbil food, exercise wheel for gerbil cage, water bottle for gerbil cage, etc...

What to Do:
Image1 Place all pet items in a tote.
Image1 Hold up one item at a time and ask the children if they know what pet uses that item, and what that item is use for.
Image1 Ask the children what kind of pets they have at home. If they don't have a pet, ask them what kind of pet they think they would enjoy having and why.
Image1 Talk about how to care for a pet and what the pet's needs are.

* You can vary this activity by letting the children divide the pet items into groups of items for a particular pet.

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