Which Way Do We Go?
Which Way Do We Go?

Materials Needed:
Image1 Poster board (brightly colored is easier to see)
Image1 Marker
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Tape
Image1 Laminating material

What to Do:
Image1 Trace lots of arrows onto the poster board.
Image1 Cut out the arrows.
Image1 Using the marker, you may want to add stripes to the arrows, to make them more interesting to look at.
Image1 Laminate the arrows to make them more durable.
Image1 Place the arrows around the room, playground, or school/house (you may want to use tape to keep the arrows in place).
Image1 Invite the children to follow the arrows until they reach the last one. You may want to place a "surprise" at the end, such as stickers, to add to the enjoyment of this activity.

* Suggestion: Make a variety of arrows, such as right angled ones, left angled ones, and U turns.
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