Matching Valentines

Matching Valentines


Materials Needed:

Construction paper
Heart template
Laminating material


What To Do:

Print out a copy of the heart template and cut it out.
Using templates, trace ten hearts onto different colors of construction paper. You may use the traditional pink and/or red or whatever color you choose.
Cut out the hearts.
Using the marker, draw a zigzag line down the middle of the hearts.
On one half of each of the hearts, write a different numeral (1-10).
On the other half of each of the hearts, draw little hearts equaling whatever numeral is written on it's opposite half.
Cut the hearts in half on the zigzag line.
Laminate all of the halves of hearts.
Give each child a half of a heart, making sure you use only matching halves. In other words, if 20 children are participating in this activity you would use all of the halves. If only 10 children are participating you would pick out five matching hearts (ten halves) from the ten original hearts before starting this activity.
Ask the children to find their "Valentine", by looking for the person who has their matching half.



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