Parking in the Right Garage

Parking in the Right Garage


Materials Needed:

Poster board
Construction paper
Laminating material
Garage and car template


What To Do:

Using the marker, write the words "Park your car in the right garage" across the top of the poster board.
Using the garage template, trace 4 garages on the top half of the poster board and 4 garages on the bottom half.
Using the marker, write a different number word, (one through eight), on each of the garages above the door. *
Using the car template, trace eight cars onto different colors of construction paper.
Using the marker, write a different numeral (1 through 8), on each of the cars.
Ask the children to find the right garage to park each of the cars in by matching the numeral on the car to the number word on the garage.


* You may vary this math game according to skill level by using dots instead of number words.


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