Feed the Penguin

Feed the Penguin

Materials Needed:
Image1 10 bowls
Image1 Markers (orange and black)
Image1 Fish shaped crackers/Swedish fish
Image1 Container (to hold fish crackers/Swedish fish)
Image1 Penguin template sheet
Image1 Glue

What to Do:

Image1 Print copies of the penguin sheet.
Image1 Color the penguins then cut them out.
Image1 Glue the penguins onto the bottom inside of the bowls.
Image1 Using the black marker, write a different numeral (1-10) on the front of each of the penguins.
Image1 Line up the bowls on the table or the floor.
Image1 Place the fish crackers/Swedish fish in an open container.
Image1 Invite the children to take turns trying to feed the penguins, by tossing the same number of fish crackers/Swedish fish into the bowls that are indicated on the front of the penguin.




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