Ten In The Bed

Ten In The Bed


Materials Needed:

10 craft sticks (per child)
1 - 8"x10" piece of any color construction paper (per child)
Staples and stapler


What to Do:

Give each child ten craft sticks, one sheet of construction paper, and markers.
Cut about one inch off of *one* of the ten craft sticks. Do this for each set of 10 sticks. (Note: An adult should do this step.)
Using permanent marker, write the numbers 1-10 at the bottom of each of the craft sticks, making sure to write the number one (1) on the short stick.
Have children draw faces on each of their craft sticks. If time permits, they can also draw pajamas on them.
Fold the construction paper length-wise as shown below and staple sides together.
Have the children place the ten sticks in the bed making sure to put the shortest one on the end.
Have children sing "Ten in the Bed" and remove one stick after each "and one fell out" verse.

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