Watering Can


Watering Can


Materials Needed:

Watering can template
Laminating film scraps (Or any clear plastic thin enough to cut)
Embellishments (e.g. stickers, markers, crayons)
Construction paper (any color)
Black marker

What to Do:

Using template, trace/copy watering can onto construction paper and then cut out.
Instruct children to:

- Use black marker to draw top opening of can and a line to make an oval pour spout.  Draw dots on spout to represent holes.
- Decorate watering can using stickers, markers, and crayons, etc..

Cut a 1½" wide x 10" long piece of film scrap or clear plastic.
Start at one end, making cuts (approximately ¼" apart) down the length of the strip stopping at approximately ½" from opposite end to make the effect of pouring water.
Tape the solid end to the end of the spout by slightly overlapping backside of spout.


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