Muffin Cup Birds


Muffin Cup Birds


Materials Needed:

3" Long Round Wooden craft stick
Yellow muffin cups
Construction paper (orange and blue)
4 - 7mm wiggly eyes
Styrofoam cup



What to Do:

Using template, trace and cut out:

- Birds onto muffin cups.
- Beaks onto orange construction paper.

Instruct children to:

      - Glue eyes and beaks onto bird's heads.
      - Glue round wooden craft stick vertically onto bottom middle of blue construction paper.
Cut bottom off of Styrofoam cup and dispose of the top. (Or save top of cup for future use.)
Cut bottom of cup in half.
Instruct children to:

- Glue birdseed to half circle.
- Glue flat edge of half circle, with birdseed side up, to blue construction paper. (So that it is centered over wooden craft stick.)
- Glue birds so that they look like they are heading for the birdseed.


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