Butterfly Wind Wand


Butterfly Wind Wand


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (pink, white, and yellow)
Hole puncher
Drinking straw (cut into four inch pieces)
Yarn (any color)



What to Do:

Using template, trace/copy and cut out the butterflies onto yellow, white, and pink construction paper.
Using hole puncher, punch two holes in the center of each butterfly; one near the head and one near the tail.
Instruct children to:

- Use markers/crayons to color each butterfly. Suggest they color the center (body) a solid color.
- Cut a piece of yarn approximately 3½ feet long.
- Demonstrate to children how to take one end of the yarn and push it down through the tail end hole and back up through the head end hole. Very carefully, invite them to push the butterfly toward opposite end of the yarn until it is about 1½ feet from the end.
- Turn butterfly over and put a piece of tape on backside, holding the yarn down.
- Repeat with next two butterflies, leaving a space of about six inches between butterflies.
- Tie a knot after the last butterfly.
- Slide long end of yarn though the straw piece and tape the end to the straw.


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