Catch That Leprechaun



Catch That Leprechaun


Materials Needed:

Markers, Colored Pencils, or Crayons
Empty 35mm Film Canister
Green Construction Paper
3 Styrofoam Cups



What To Do:

Using the template, make a copy of the Leprechaun onto white paper.
Using the template, trace and cut out shamrocks onto green construction paper.
Take lid off film canister and turn upside down. (By removing the lid, the canister fits better under cup.)
Cut out Leprechaun by cutting an oval around him.
Color Leprechaun.
Glue Leprechaun to side of film canister.
Write a different number (or letter) on each of the three shamrocks.
Turn the cups upside down.
Glue one shamrock to each cup.
Hide Leprechaun under one of the cups. Have someone guess what cup it is under.



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