Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee Filter Butterflies


Materials Needed:

Water color paints (different colors)
Coffee filters (flat circle ones work best)
Pipe cleaners (any color)
Beads (any color)


What to Do:

Instruct children to use a very wet paintbrush and dip the paintbrush into the watercolor paint and then drip or dab onto the coffee filter. (Repeat this with as many colors as they would like.)
Cut pipe cleaner in half.
Bunch coffee filter together in center and wrap pipe cleaner around center of coffee filter.
Twist pipe cleaner so it holds the center of the filter together leaving some of both ends straight for antennas.
Invite children to slide a bead down the straight ends until it sits on top of twisted part, then twist straight end a couple of times and pull the ends apart from each other to look like "antennas".

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