Mosaic Rice Egg


Mosaic Rice Egg


Materials Needed:

Re-closeable plastic (sandwich or quart size bags)
Food coloring (different colors)
White construction paper
White rice (uncooked)
Wax paper



What to Do:

Copy egg template onto white construction paper.
Using several different colors of food coloring, put one of each color into different plastic bags.
Mix white rice in each of the different bags. Once rice has absorbed the desired shade(s) of color, carefully lay rice out onto wax paper to dry.
Instruct children to:

- Spread glue onto a section of the egg.*
- Sprinkle rice on top of the glue.
- Gently press rice down onto glued area.
- Gently lift the egg to shake off excess rice.
- Repeat steps 4-7 until egg is finished.


* You might want to use a pencil to first create a design on the egg.


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