Bunny in the Grass


Bunny in the Grass


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (white, pink, green, and blue)
White cotton ball
Black marker

Template 1 & Template 2


What to Do:

Using templates (template 1 and template 2), trace and cut out:

- Bunny's body, head, and outside of ears onto white construction paper.
- Bunny's nose and inside of ears onto pink construction paper.

Cut a strip of green construction paper so it measures 2" x 12".
Demonstrate to children how to make ¼ inch wide cuts (approximately) 1½" deep, down the length of the green strip, to make the grass.
Instruct children to glue:

- Bunny's body, head and ears to blue construction paper.
- "Grass" onto bottom part of blue construction paper.
- Inside ears onto outside ears.
- Nose onto bunny's face.
- Cotton ball (tail) to bunny's body.

Invite children to use black marker: draw eyes, whiskers, and mouth onto bunny's face.


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