Freddy The Frog


Freddy The Frog


Materials Needed:

Egg cartons (preferably cardboard)
Construction paper (green and black)
Small white paper plates
Black markers
Green crayons
Lunch bags



What to Do:

Using  template, trace/copy and cut out:

- Back part of eyes and both front and back legs onto green construction paper.
- Pupils onto black construction paper.

Instruct children to: 

- Fold paper plate in half and color top of folded area with green crayon.
- Use the black marker to draw a smile on top part of folded plate along the rim.

Keeping bag flat and folded bottom flap facing up, instruct children to glue:

- Back part of eyes to the top half of bag flap.
- Folded plate to the bottom half of bag flap with green side up.
- Legs onto bag.
- Egg cups onto back part of eyes.
- Pupils to egg cups.


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