Paper Plate Frog


Paper Plate Frog


Materials Needed:

Small white paper plate
White poster board
Stapler and staples
Green streamers/tissue paper
Black marker
Party blower


What to Do:

Fold paper plate in half and staple around outside rim, leaving space open in center so you can slide party blower into it.
Cut a V-shape out of plate on the folded side, between where the eyes will go, so you can slide party blower out of it.
Using template, trace and cut out eyes onto white poster board.
Using black marker, draw pupils in both eyes.
Instruct children to glue:

- Crumbled streamer pieces/tissue paper to the top part of folded plate.
- Eyes to folded part of plate. Do this by making a slight fold in bottom part of eye and gluing this folded part to the underside of folded plate. Make sure eyes are sticking up.

Invite  children to slide party blower through hole in front and out of hole in back.


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