Materials Needed:

Thin clear plastic (consistency of laminating film)
Construction paper (white, black, tan, and red)
2 - Craft sticks
Black marker
Red paint



What to Do:

Using template, trace and cut out:

- Fire truck, front and back, on white construction paper.
- Wheels, hose, and ladder rungs on black construction paper.
- Hat on red construction paper.
- Head on tan construction paper.

Instruct children to paint front section and back section of truck red and to color craft sticks black using the markers.
Cut ladder rungs to approximately 1.75 inches in length. You should have 6 rungs.
Cut strips out of the clear plastic, measuring approximately ¼ inch wide by 2 inches long. Demonstrate to children how to tape bunched up strips to the end of the hose.
  Instruct children to glue:

- Wheels to bottom, front, and back of truck.
- Craft sticks to center part of truck approximately one inch apart.
- Rungs to craft sticks approximately ¼ inch apart.
- Hose to side of truck near top.
- Head to top center of truck cab.
- Hat to head.

Invite the children to use the black marker to draw face on head.


* You might want to write the name of your town and "Engine" number (using child's favorite number) on the door.



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