Mail Bag and Letters

Mail Bag and Letters


Materials Needed:

12" x 18" Blue construction paper
Black marker
Hole puncher
Pens or pencils
3 Envelopes (per child)


What to Do:

Fold blue construction paper in half to create the 9" x 12" mailbag.
Using the hole puncher, punch holes down both sides and bottom about a ¼" from the outside edge. (Do not punch holes along the top.)
Cut a piece of yarn 5 to 6 feet long.
Demonstrate to children how to lace yarn around bag by looping it around outside edge and through each hole.
Leave an extra 2.5 feet of yarn hanging out from top when finished lacing. (for strap to go over shoulder)
Tie ends of yarn together.
Write US mail in black marker on front of bag.
Invite children to write addresses and draw stamps on each of the three white envelopes. Put envelopes in bag "to be delivered".

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