Examining a Bird Nest


Examining a Bird Nest

Materials Needed:
Image1 Bird nests
Image1 Magnifying glasses
Image1 Rubber gloves
Image1 Plastic boxes with lids
Image1 Tweezers

What to Do:
Image1 Collect several different abandoned bird nests. (Autumn is a good time to find them because the trees are losing their leaves making, the nest is more visible.)
Image1 Store them in plastic shoe boxes with lids.
Image1 Instruct the children put on the gloves, open the lids of the boxes, and start examining the nests. They can use the tweezers and magnifying glasses to examine what materials the bird used to build the nest.

*Even with the use of gloves, I recommend that the children wash their hands thoroughly after removing the gloves, when finished with this activity.

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