Put Out The Fire

Put Out The Fire


Materials Needed:

Transparency sheet
Permanent markers (blue and black)
Dry erase markers (red, orange, and yellow)
Large cotton work glove (preferably blue in color)


What to Do:

Using the permanent marker, draw a picture of a house on the transparency sheet.
Cut off the fingers and thumb of the work glove (discard the rest of the glove).
If you did not use a blue glove, use a blue permanent marker to color the fingertip part of the glove fingers, so as to resemble water. Use black permanent marker to color the remaining part of the finger so as to resemble a hose.
Place the transparency sheet, dry erase markers, and "fireman hoses" in the language area as a prewriting activity.
Ask the children to use the markers to draw a fire on the transparency sheet. Then ask them to pretend to be firefighters and use the "hose" to "put out" (erase) the fire.

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