Who Took Your Gold?

Who Took Your Gold?

Materials Needed:

Small rocks (you only need one but in case one is lost or misplaced its good to have a replacement)
Gold spray paint (adult use only)

What To Do:

Spray paint a few rocks gold. (This step should be done by an adult.)
Have the children sit down cross legged on the floor with their hands in their lap.
Place a piece of "gold" under a chair that is facing away from the children.
Pick a child to be the "leprechaun" and ask him/her to sit in the chair facing away from the other children.
Pick a child to quietly take the gold out from under the chair and return to his/her sitting spot, hiding the gold in his/her lap.
The "leprechaun" has three guesses to try and reveal the child who took the gold.
The child who took the gold is the next "leprechaun".
Continue playing until all the children have had a chance to be the "leprechaun".

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