Jump Frog Jump

Jump Frog Jump

Materials Needed:

Green construction paper
Grey construction paper
Laminating materials
Blue yarn

What To Do:

Cut out several lily pad shapes, from the green construction paper.
Cut out several large rock shapes, from the grey construction paper.
Using the marker, write a number (1-10), on the bottom of each rock.
Laminate all of the "rocks" and "lily pads".
Using the blue yarn, make an outline of a small pond on the floor.
Place the "lily pads" into the "pond".
Place the "rocks" around the outside "banks" of the "pond".
Have the children take turns jumping from the "lily pads" to the "rocks", when you say the phrase "Jump, Frog, Jump".
After he/she has landed on a "rock", have him/her turn the "rock" over and look at the number written on the bottom of it. Have him/her hop the number of times written on the bottom of the rock he/she landed on.

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