Counting Gold

Counting Gold


Materials Needed:

Shamrock template
50 or more pebbles
Gold spray paint (Adult use only)
10 small metal buckets or plastic pots (can usually find black "pot of gold" pots around St.Patricks Days)
Black spray paint (Adult use only)
Green card stock
Container to hold the pebbles


What To Do:

Spray paint the pebbles gold.
Using the black spray paint, paint the metal buckets black (if you could not find black pots or buckets).
Copy or trace the shamrock template (x10), onto the green cardstock and cut out.
Using the black marker, write a different numeral and number word (1-10), on each of the shamrocks.
Line up the 10 buckets/pots where the children can easily reach them.
Place the container of pebbles where the children can easily reach them.
Place one shamrock (number side down), in front of each of the buckets/pots.
Instruct children take turns picking a shamrock,  turning it over, and then placing the "gold" pieces (equaling the amount shown on the shamrock), into the "pots".
Invite the children to count out loud as each piece of gold is placed into the pot.


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