Ladybug Number Matching

Ladybug Number Matching


Materials Needed:

Ladybug templates
Black construction paper
Red construction paper
Laminating materials
Black dry erase marker
White or silver permanent marker
Eraser (chalkboard/dry erase) or a cloth


What To Do:

Using the ladybug templates, trace and cut out the ladybug body onto black construction paper and the ladybug wings onto red construction paper.
Glue the ladybug wings to the body.
Using the silver/white marker, write a number (1-10) on the ladybug body in the area between its wings.
Repeat these steps using a different number on each ladybug until you have made 10 ladybugs.
Laminate the ladybugs.
Ask the children to look at the numbers on the ladybugs and then draw that number of dots on each of the wings using the black dry erase marker.
After he/she finishes drawing the dots, have him/her recount to make sure he/she drew the right amount.
After each turn, wipe off the dots so the ladybugs can be reused.



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