Materials Needed:

Empty spool
Large cardboard circle
Marker or pen
Play dough or modeling clay


What to Do:

Talk to the children about how the light from the sun shining down on an object, makes a shadow. Then explain that the first clocks were actually sundials.
Using glue, attach the spool to the center of the cardboard circle.
Place the pencil inside the spool (you may need some modeling clay or play-dough to secure the pencil).
Take the sundial outside to a sunny area, where it will not be moved.
Mark the place where the pencil's shadow falls with a line and note the time of day.
Every hour you should re-check the sundial. Mark where the shadow falls with a line and note the time of day.
At the end of the day, evaluate the marks on the sundial. Is there a pattern?

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  Posted on Mar 18, 2012 17:32:01 PM by MichelleC
Some of these activities I want to try myself! XXOO. So excited to see this is GOING to happen!!!!!!!,