Where Do They Grow?


Where Do They Grow?

Materials Needed:
Image1 Large poster board
Image1 Crayons/paints (blue and brown)
Image1 Velcro
Image1 Pictures of vegetables (empty seed packets work well)
Image1 Laminating material

What to Do:
Image1 Using crayons/paints, color/paint the bottom half of poster board brown and the top half blue.
Image1 Using the black marker, write the word "above" at the top of the poster board and "below" at the bottom.
Image1 Place several pieces of Velcro in the top section and several in the bottom section of the poster board. (Space them so that the pictures, when stuck to the Velcro, do not overlap.)
Image1 Laminate the vegetable pictures and stick Velcro to the backs of them.
Image1 Instruct the children to place the vegetables they think grow under the ground on the brown part and the vegetables that grow above the ground on the blue part.

* Suggestions for vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, squash, beans, tomatoes, corn, watermelons, celery, and peas.

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