Our Friendship Tree

Our Friendship Tree


Materials Needed:

Large container
Plaster of Paris
Tree branch
A picture of each child
Construction paper (Fall colors)
Tape or glue
Hole puncher
Leaf template


What to Do:

Fill container with Plaster of Paris.
Put a branch from a tree into the plaster before it hardens.
Take a picture of each child in the class or have the children bring in a picture from home.
Using leaf template, trace or copy onto construction paper (Fall colors) and cut out. Cut out one leaf for each child.
Have each child tape or glue their picture to a leaf.
Have each child tell you something nice about themselves and write it on the back of their leaf.
Punch a hole in each leaf and tie a piece of string or yarn to the leaf to form a loop to hang the leaf.
Have each child hang their leaf on the class "Friendship Tree."



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