Coupons for Mom

Coupons for Mom

Materials Needed:

Large envelopes (one per child)
Markers or crayons
Unlined index cards (enough for each child to have 4 or 5)

What To Do:

On the outside of the envelopes write "Mom's Coupons".
Have the children decorate the envelope using markers/crayons and stickers.
Ask each child what he/she wants to give to his/her mom and write it on the coupons. Offer the children some suggestions until they grasp the idea of it. (i.e. Help set the table. Sweep the floor. Help with laundry. Empty the rubbish. Help with younger brother or sister. Good for one big hug and kiss.)
Have the children decorate their coupons and place them in their envelopes to bring home to mom.


Have the children find and cut out pictures of chores from magazines.

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