Jumping in the Letter Leaves

Jumping in the Letter Leaves


Materials Needed:

Leaf templates/store bought leaves
Construction paper (autumn colors)
Marker (dark color)
Laminating materials


What to Do:

Copy leaf templates and then cut them out or use store bought leaves.
If using leaf templates trace onto several different pieces of construction paper.
Using the marker, write either an uppercase or lowercase letter on each leaf.
After all the leaves have a letter written on them, laminate each sheet and then cut them out.
Place the leaves in a pile on the floor.
Have the children take turns throwing a handful of leaves up over their heads, and catching one as they come down.
Have them yell out the letter they just caught, to the other children.


* You could try several variations of this activity, such as yelling out something that begins with the letter they caught, naming something theme related that begins with that letter (i.e. an animal, a place, a name, a toy, a food item, etc...), the sound of the letter, etc...



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