Vacation Chart

Vacation Chart


Materials Needed:

Poster board
Travel magazines and catalogs
Shoebox/small container


What to Do:

Create a three-column chart on poster board and label the columns with one vacation question in each (i.e. "Where did you go?", "How did you get there?", and "What did you do?").
Using the travel magazines and catalogs, cut out pictures representing a number of vacation places, activities, and modes of transportation. Place them in a shoebox or other small container.
Invite the children, take turns picking out the pictures from the shoebox that most closely represent the answer to the questions in each of the columns about their favorite vacation.
Instruct the children tape the pictures they picked into the correct columns and write the child's name below each picture.


 *You may want to keep the chart and add to it as the year progresses and more vacations are taken.


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