Dancing Around the May Pole

Dancing Around the May Pole

Materials Needed:

Large wrapping paper roll
Streamers and/or ribbons


What To Do:

Have the children decorate the "May Pole" by gluing and/or taping streamers (and/or ribbons) around the "Pole" (large wrapping paper roll).
Glue the ends of several streamers (or ribbons) to the inside of the top of the pole so that the rest of the streamers (ribbons) hang down around the pole.
Pick one child to hold the pole while several other children hold onto the free ends of the streamers (ribbons) and dance around the pole. *


* Miss Mary's helpful hint: For older children, you can have them "braid" the streamers (ribbons) as they dance. They do this by ducking under the streamer of the person in front of them.

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