Color Sentences

Color Sentences


Materials Needed:

White styrofoam egg cartons (with tops removed)
Food coloring (red, yellow, and blue)
Construction paper
Laminating material


What to Do:

Give each child an egg carton filled with water. You may want to provide pitchers so they can fill the cartons themselves. Add food coloring to make one compartment red, one yellow, and one blue. The remaining nine should contain clear water.
Give each child an eyedropper and encourage them to create more colors.
Invite children to put a little blue in one of the clear ones. Then let them add another color. Ask them what color the water is now.
While doing the experiments ask the children what colors are added together to get green, to get purple and so on.
Make color rectangles and write a color word on each one.
Make square equation signs (i.e. +, =).
Laminate all rectangles and squares.
Invite children to make true sentences by experimenting with the above activity.

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