At the End of the Rainbow



At the End of the Rainbow


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white)
Circle and pot templates (template 1, template 2 and template 3)
Glue sticks or glue
Gold foil/tissue paper/gold coins


What to Do:
  Trace and cut out templates. (Tracing them onto cardstock/posterboard/recycled food boxes(e.g. cereal,crackers,snack) work well for tracing around.)
  Program templates with color words written in the proper color, by labeling the largest circle template RED in a red writing, then labeling the next circle ORANGE in orange writing, etc...
Instruct children to: 

- Trace templates onto the matching colors of construction paper. After circles are all cut out, have children glue circles one on top of the other starting with the largest and ending with the smallest. (See image below.)

- After the glue is dry, cut in half, this will give you a rainbow. (Depending on skill level of children teacher may want to do this step.)
- Create a cloud shape using the white construction paper.

  Ask children: “What would you like to find in your pot at the end of the rainbow?” record answers on the cloud.
 Trace and cut out pot template onto black construction paper and instruct children to

- Glue tissue paper, foil gems or gold coins to the top of the pot.
- Glue cloud and pot to the bottom edges of the rainbow.

*Each child could make two rainbows from their cut in half circles. You could use one to display at school and one to take home that day.


Example of circle placement








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