Look at Me



Look At Me


 Materials Needed:

 Cut out of paper person
  Markers/colored pencils/crayons
  Doll hair or yarn (several different hair colors)
  Embellishments (e.g. buttons, stickers, printout of zippers)

Shirt template

Clothespins/paper clips


What to Do:
  You can find large cut outs of people to decorate at your local school supply stores or you can draw one yourself on large drawing paper/construction paper.
  Supply children with paper person cut-outs, doll hair/yarn, embellishments, and glue.
  Encourage them to design a replica of themselves.
Copy/trace  Cshirt template onto colorful paper and write the phrase "Just Hanging Around With My Friends" on the front of it. Using clothespins or paper clips hang shirt from a string line on the wall along with the children’s art work people.


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