Fingerprint Sleigh
Fingerprint Sleigh
Materials Needed:
  Ink pads (red and brown)
  Black fine tip marker
     White card stock cut into a rectangle
     Markers (red and green)
What to Do:
    Use red ink to stamp child’s thumb and place down on the left side of the paper three times.
   Stamp pinky down a quarter of an inch above the three prints.
  Draw on the sleigh and Santa using a fine tip black marker.
  Invite children to u uuse the red marker to color the red on Santa’s hat.
  Use brown ink to stamp three thumb prints. The first two even and the third one slanted. Repeat this three more times. 
  Invite children to:
     - Use the black marker to add tails, legs, ears, antlers, eyes, and noses to each reindeer.
     - Add a red or green collar to each of the reindeer.
     - Use the black marker to write “Ho Ho Ho” beside Santa.

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