Handprint Reindeer
Handprint Reindeer
Materials Needed:
 Image1 Brown paint
 Image1 White construction paper (1/2 sheet)
 Image1 Red ribbon
 Image1 Small bells
 Image1 White and brown pom poms
 Image1 Grey or tan pipe cleaners
 Image1 Black markers
 Image1 Glue
 Image1 Scissors
 Image1 Red gems
What to Do:
 Image1 Use brown paint to paint child’s hands, stamp them palm down with their thumbs pointing towards the middle.
 Image1 After paint dries, turn paper over so that handprints are fingers down and instruct children to:
- Draw two little triangles at the bottom of each finger (not thumbs) to create little hooves.
- Then draw eyes onto the thumbs.
- Glue a red gem on each thumb to create a nose.
- Cut ribbon to the width of the palm.
- Glue the strip of ribbon to the handprints to create a harness.
- Glue bells across the ribbons to decorate.
- Glue a white pom pom to the top backside of the palm opposite from the thumbs to create tails.
- Glue brown pom poms to the tops of thumbs to create ears.
- Cut pipe cleaners to one inch strips and glue them on as antlers.  
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