My Family Necklace

My Family Necklace


Materials Needed:
  Yarn (red, yellow, black, and brown)
     Cardboard rolls (e.g. toilet paper, paper towel roll cut in thirds)
    Wiggly eyes
    Paper scraps

  Fabric scraps

What to Do:
  Ask each child how many family members they have and give them one cardboard roll for each family member.

  Supply art center with brown, yellow, black, and red yarn for children to use as hair, wiggly eyes, paper and fabric scraps, markers, glue, and scissors for use in adding facial features and clothes. 
        Cut two holes on each side of each roll near the top of their "family member" and instruct children to string their yarn through the holes. 

  Assist them with tying their yarn together to create a necklace.  

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