Loud Noises, Soft Noises

Loud Noises, Soft Noises


Materials Needed:

Several items that make both loud and soft noises (i.e. a drum, cymbals, a bike horn, maracas, a whistle, rice in a film canister, a balloon, a brush, a feather, slippers, heavy boots)
Large index cards (enough for each child to have one)
Regular size index cards (enough for each child to have one)
Markers or crayons
Large craft sticks (enough for each child to have two)


What to Do:

Give each child one large index card, one small index card, 2 large craft sticks, crayons or markers and glue.
Instruct them to draw a large ear on the large index card and a small ear on the small index card and color them in.
Write the word "loud" on the large index card and "soft" on the smaller index card.
Instruct the children to glue their finished ears onto the two craft sticks (one on each stick).
Hold up an item and invite the children to guess whether they think it will make a loud or a soft sound. They state their guess by holding up one of the ears.


* Try to use your imagination when choosing items to use for this activity, such as a slipper or a boot. When the slipper is picked have the children hold up their guesses, after everyone who wants to has guessed, put the slipper on and walk across the room. Repeat this same procedure using the boot. Walk heavy footed when wearing the boot.


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