Now You See It, Now You Don’t


Now You See It, Now You Don't


Materials Needed:

Several different objects (they could be theme related)
A cloth (big enough to cover your gathered objects)
A bag (to put objects in after "taking them away")


What to Do:

Invite the children to sit on the floor.
Place the items together on the floor, in an area where all the children can see them.
Hold up each object one at a time and ask the children what it is and what it does or is used for.
After each item has been shown and talked about, cover the items with the cloth.
Instruct the children to close their eyes and when they do, reach under the cloth and remove one item and place it in the bag where they cannot see it. (Depending on the children's ages or skill levels you may choose to remove more than one item at a time to make it more challenging.)
Ask the children to open their eyes and then remove the cloth from the items and see if they can guess which item is missing.

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