Bugs in the Grass

Bugs in the Grass


Materials Needed:
Image1 Green poster board
Image1 Insect stamps
Image1 Ink pads
Image1 Pencils
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Tape
Image1 Stapler
What to Do:
Image1 Cut green poster board into strips about seven inches wide.
Image1 Draw a line the length of the strip, approximately two inches from the bottom. (This line will be used as a guide as to where the children should stop cutting.)
Image1 Instruct children to:

- Stamp insects onto strip of poster board.
- Cut strips like grass blades from the top of the strip to the guideline.

Image1 Tape from the inside around the bottom of the grass to reinforce the grass so it stands upright.
Image1 Measure to fit child’s head like a crown and staple to fit.
Image1 Invite children to place it on their heads and wear it like a crown.

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