Bunny Stamping

Bunny Stamping

Materials Needed:
 Wooden clothespin
 Paint (white,brown,and black)
  Paper (green)
  Pie tins
  Hot glue gun
  Glue sticks
  Corks, film canisters, or medicine bottles (clean,empty ones with labels removed)
 Googly eyes (Small)
  Pom poms (small pink ones)

What To Do:
 Make clothepin bunny stamps ahead of time by hot gluing either corks, clean thin empty plastic medicine bottles, or empty film canisters to the side of a wooden clothespin.

  Provide the art center with clothepin bunny stamps, paint in pie tins, paper, glue,googly eyes, and pom poms.
  Invite children to come to the art center and explore the materials provided.  

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